Altran hit by a Cyber Attack and Ransomware is suspect

France based Altran Technologies has disclosed that it became a target of a cyber attack last week on Thursday and confirmed that the company’s commercial operations in some European countries were severely impacted.

The Engineering consultancy firm headquartered in Paris has decided to shut down its IT systems till Wednesday this week to implement a recovery plan.  Under the condition of anonymity, a source from the management team of the Paris based firm reports that few servers of the firm were targeted by ransomware variant malware and so the access to the company’s R&D data has been blocked on a current note.

However, the IT team is working 24/7 on bringing back the operations to normalcy after initiating a disaster recovery plan on Friday last week.

A leading cybersecurity firm has been hired to investigate the incident and as per the prima facie, no data theft and unauthorized access have been registered.

US Satellite operator Iridium, UK based Ocado and the Network Rail of Britain are all clients of Altran.

Note 1- On Tuesday last week, Metal business operator Nyrstar made it official that it has been hit by a cyber attack of ransomware variant.

Note 2- Last Friday, Britain’s National Cyber Security Center(NCSC) announced that few of the government and commercial websites operating in the region have been hit by a Domain Name System (DNS) hijacking campaign.

Naveen Goud
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