Amazon TikTok warning to employees was by mistake


The IT services department of Amazon that issued a memo to all its employees on Friday last week regarding the usage of TikTok in its company environment was done by mistake, says an Amazon’s latest press release.

Because of security risks, the Amazon IT Services department issued an email warning to its employees that they should delete the video sharing app on an immediate note from all their devices, and that was mandatory. However, the department people allowed the app to be accessed on their web browser of their computing devices- just in case to watch videos for relief.

Later that evening, an Amazon spokesperson re-issued a fresh statement to the media that the email sent to the employees was an error and as of now the company is not intending to block the Chinese app due to security concerns.

Kellie Green, the IT Director of Amazon sent an original email to all its employees with the subject-line of “Disregard TikTok email” by late hours of Friday i.e July 10th,2020.

Note 1- The decision to ban Chinese products and services was taken by US President Donald Trump in mid 2018- after Huawei was found guilty in conducting espionage through its products on foreign soil.

Note 2- The relationship between Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos and Mr. Trump has strained because of some personal and business reasons in the past few months. And the decision to revoke the ban of TikTok could have been started by Bezos just to take his war with the president to the next level.

Note 3- In DEC’19 US Army has issued a ban on the usage of TikTok on the army phones and in March this year US Senators issued a bill that no federal employee will use the app owned by ByteDance.



Naveen Goud
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