TikTok turns invasive and triggers privacy concerns

TikTok the video hosting company of ByteDance, China is turning invasive these days as it is found invading the privacy of its users, more than intended. According to a report released by Internet 2.0- a cyber security firm from Alabama the video sharing platform is seen excessively engaging in data collection and is also found […]

TikTok gave data security reassurance to the United States

For the past two years, the United States is asking TikTok for an assurance that it will surely keep the data of its USA users safe and secure from hackers, espionage, and state-funded hacks.   Finally, the Chinese company TikTok seems to have reacted to the sincere pursuits and talked a bit about ‘Project Texas’ […]

Ransomware threat to elders and youngsters falling for Instagram Cyber Scams

In the latest report released by Avast, it was revealed that ransomware spreading hackers were constantly targeting elderly people and youngsters were being lured into Instagram or TikTok scams. As most of the aged community, i.e. those above 65 are using desktop or laptops, hackers are seeing them as easy prey to spread ransomware, bank […]

Two million TikTok and Instagram user data exposed

A mis-configuration on an AWS cloud server has reportedly to the exposure of user data related to TikTok and Instagram customers. Security experts say that such servers that are left unprotected could act as access points to hackers who can then siphon data and then indulge in robo-calling frauds, phishing & extortion tactics via social […]

TikTok AI algorithm promoting X rated content to children

An investigation launched by the Wall Street Journal(WSJ) reveals that teenagers as young as 13, are found viewing X-rated, abusive and drugs and alcohol related content as the video sharing platform related Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm is failing to distinguish adults and teens and is seen pushing content of all ranges to everyone. So, as […]

TikTok Cybersecurity Hub in Dublin

TikTok has set up a new Cybersecurity hub in Dublin, Ireland and is also planning to do the same in Sydney, Australia by this year’s end. Last year, the company that offers short video making and sharing service established its first Fusion Center in Washington DC to monitor, respond and analyze any content related issues […]

TikTok dragged to court by 12-year-old girl for data misuse

Chinese app TikTok is back in news for misusing data of it’s under aged users to gain advertising revenue from corporate clients. A 12-year-old girl from London has sued in the court that TikTok and its predecessor Musical.ly were processing information related to children just to gain ad revenues that was against the EU and […]

Information of nearly 235 million TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube users hacked

Information related to nearly 235 million TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube users were accessed by hackers when they targeted a database belonging to Social Data, a company that sells data related to social media influencers to various Marketing firms.   The data hack news was published in Comparitech’s latest security report where the company’s researcher Bob […]

Amazon TikTok warning to employees was by mistake

The IT services department of Amazon that issued a memo to all its employees on Friday last week regarding the usage of TikTok in its company environment was done by mistake, says an Amazon’s latest press release. Because of security risks, the Amazon IT Services department issued an email warning to its employees that they […]

China TikTok violated Children’s privacy policy in United States

It is already a known fact that the US Government is planning to impose a ban on the Video Sharing and Social Networking app TikTok because of National Security concerns. But fresh reports have emerged in media that a probe carried out by the Federal Trade Commission and the US Justice Department have found that […]

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