TikTok slapped with €345m Child Privacy penalty by EU

The European Union has imposed a substantial €345 million fine on the popular video-sharing platform TikTok for its failure to adequately protect children’s data. The penalty comes following a notice from Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC), an EU data privacy authority, which cited eight privacy and information processing violations and issued a three-month ultimatum for […]

TikTok hires British Security firm to banish data security concerns

Since 2018, TikTok, the Chinese-based video-sharing platform, has faced relentless criticism over its alleged mishandling of data security. Initially, the United States banned the app’s use on all government-issued phones, setting off a domino effect that led to similar actions in Australia, Germany, the UK, and New Zealand. Despite TikTok’s efforts to reassure the public […]

List of countries that issued TikTok ban due to data security concerns and benefits

The concerns raised by the United States regarding the use of TikTok on government-owned devices led to restrictions on its usage during the Trump administration. However, under President Joe Biden’s leadership, a comprehensive ban was implemented on the video messaging app owned by the Chinese conglomerate ByteDance owner Zhang Yiming. The primary rationale behind this […]

Details of Kia Boyz breaching car security as Kia Challenge on TikTok

Over the past couple of years, a peculiar social media trend known as the Kia Challenge has gained traction on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and WhatsApp. This challenge involves a group of thieves called the Kia Boyz, who promote an instructional video link guiding viewers to YouTube and TikTok. The video provides […]

Three big Cybersecurity fears of TikTok answered

After hearing a lot from the US government over national security fears, TikTok seems to have come up with answers to the three big cybersecurity questions that the app is facing from international media and governments across the world. Regarding TikTok’s data collection, the company claims that its application is in line with industry practices […]

TikTok comes up with Project Clover after Project Texas

TikTok, the subsidiary of Chinese Conglomerate Byte Dance, has announced a new data security regime for European users and named it as “Project Clover”. The decision was taken amid building pressure from the lawmakers of the continent who expressed their concerns over data processing and storage. For the past two years, both the United States […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

WH Smith, United Kingdom’s most popular bookseller and stationary seller has become a target of a cyber attack that led to leak of information such as names, addresses, national insurance numbers and DOBs of staff members, both current and former. The website stored customer info and their payment details on another database, so all the […]

Why TikTok is being considered as a threat to National Security

TikTok mobile application has been grabbing the attention of the world as soon as the United States endorsed it as a threat to its national security. And to those wondering how this is possible, here’s a gist of it. Data Sharing: First, the application allows users to share any amount of personal info that is […]

Indiana sues TikTok for displaying inappropriate content to children

Indiana’s Attorney General Todd Rokita has sued Chinese video sharing mobile application TikTok for showing inappropriate content to children below the age of 13. Todd claimed in his lawsuit that the Byte Dance owned company misleads its users, particularly children, for offering utmost security to consumers information and makes A- rated content to below the […]

TikTok users must be cautious about malware filled ‘Invisible Challenge’

To all those who are about to take part in TikTok’s latest ‘Invisible Challenge’ where you are supposed to use a software filter while dancing N$de to shield your modesty, here’s a warning. According to a discovery and report released by cybersecurity firm Checkmarx, some hackers are hijacking the trend to steal victims’ information and […]

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