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WH Smith, United Kingdom’s most popular bookseller and stationary seller has become a target of a cyber attack that led to leak of information such as names, addresses, national insurance numbers and DOBs of staff members, both current and former.

The website stored customer info and their payment details on another database, so all the related info remained untouched.

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has made a note of the incident and the Britain’s data watchdog said it is investigating the attack to the core.

Next to follow is the news related to pharmaceutical giant Sun Pharma. According to an update released to the media, the drug maker suffered a digital attack that seems to be a ransomware incident. The company acknowledged the “ Information Security Incident” as true and confirmed that the infected computer/s were isolated to contain the spread of the malware.

Remediation efforts are underway and the company is currently busy assessing the damage because of the impact.

Last but not the least is the news related to Chinese video sharing app TikTok as the government of United States and Europe’s data commissioner are planning to impose a complete ban on the Byte Dance owned business because of data security concerns.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee has voted 24:16 votes in favor of issuing a ban and after the bill gets the signature of President Joe Biden, the executive order will be implemented on the Chinese short video and spreading application maker.

Countries like Australia, Canada, France, and Germany have also banned the usage of the app on devices that are being used by the government officials. Taking a step ahead, the United States is planning to impose a complete ban on the TikTok app, putting a big dent on its international revenue for sure!


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