American Bank Data Breach caused from Cyber Attack

A Michigan based American bank named Flagstar Bank has sent notification to almost all its customers about a data breach that took place in December last year.

According to the email sent to its customers on June 2nd of this year, the bank’s management detected unauthorized access to the company’s IT network between December 3rd, 2021 and December 4th, 2021.

Investigations revealed later that cyber criminals launched a digital assault on the IT infrastructure of the Flagstar Bank to siphon personal information of customers, including contact details.

As of now, there is no evidence of data misuse or information sale on the web. However, the email suggested some precautionary measures to be taken by customers to ward off any kind of a digital threat like identity theft in the future.

Maine Attorney’s General Office website mentioned some details about the attack and stated that the incident could have apparently affected about 1.6 million customers and from them, a small section of customers might have also lost valuable information, such as details about their social security numbers.

There is no information on why the bank took almost 5-6 months to inform the details of the cyber attack on its valuable customers.

Note- Last year, Flagstar made an official announcement that it became a victim of sophisticated cyber attack as hackers exploited a vulnerability in Accellion software and intruded its network. The impact details are yet to be known.


Naveen Goud
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