America’s nuclear weapons are safe and secure from emerging Cyber Threats


Yes, it’s official that America’s nuclear power is safe and secure from emerging cyber threats. The US Strategic Command has made an official announcement on this issue and said that the systems are cyber secure and are ready to thwart any level of a cyber attack launched by enemy nations( North Korea, China, and Russia).

Air Force Captain Brian Maguire, chief of media operations for US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) quashed all media rumors which said that the United States power grids and nuclear plants are susceptible to cyber attacks.

Maguire added that the current US systems operating through space, air and terrestrial domains are interdependent and fully isolated from cyber attacks. He specifically added that no power in the world could take on the critical infrastructure of United States in near time.

As soon as North Korea’s missile tests failed after liftoff, media reports emerged that the United States might have used its cyber and electronics technology to sabotage the test launch. An official from Pentagon also hinted of this happening to NBC News and added that Trump was not happy with North Korean leader Kim Jung UN’s recent activities.

In a white paper released by Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies said that the US was also facing a new cyber challenge involving attempts to compromise or spoof early warning and communication systems. The white paper advised USSTRATCOM to limit the amount of sophisticated software usage in computers and interlinked systems in order to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks.

NOTE-  USSTRATCOM ensure that control, communication, and nuclear systems in US are working efficiently and are reliably resilient to a full spectrum of conflicts.

And as per Nuclear Threat Initiative, there are around 15K nuclear weapons in the whole world. And half of those are owned by the United States and Russia. The Nuclear Threat Initiative also specified that both the countries which own the majority of nuclear power are capable of launching them within minutes and also have the potential to destroy each other’s nuclear powers within a couple of hours.

Reacting to the rumors of a possible world war 3 initiated by the United States on North Korea, Brian Maguire, chief of media operations for US Strategic Command said that Trump has the will and guts to launch such attacks if in case, North Korea tests his patience to the saturation point.

Now, that’s an interesting statement…..isn’t it?

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