Anonymous hacks Russian Taxi App to create a huge traffic jam


A Russian Taxi app named “Yandex Taxi” was hacked on the first of this month, leading to a traffic jam for 4 hours in a particular area in Moscow. Anonymous hacking group took a claim of the hack on the application and revealed that it carried out the attack in cooperation with Ukraine’s IT Army.

The application was hacked on the September 1st,2022 and the threat actors created a mischief in such a way all taxis were asked to report at a same place creating a massive traffic jam.

Around 60-80 yellow taxis were directed to Kutuzovsky Prospekt, a primary avenue in the Russian Capital, creating a massive traffic jam.

The cyber-attack on the Yandex Go app was so complicated that it resulted in a massive traffic jam where some drivers were struck for over 3-4 hours, putting a severe dent to their daily earnings.

Anonymous claims that the hack was just a sample of what they could achieve and warned of serious consequences if Putin didn’t stop the war on Kyiv.

Yandex Taxi has issued a sincere apology to its customers and stated that it has stepped-up the security of its application to shield itself from such attacks.

NOTE- Killnet, the hacking group funded by Kremlin, has issued a warning to Ukraine that it will retaliate the deeds with some serious attacks that could be so serious that it could affect innocent civilians.


Naveen Goud
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