Apetito hit by a ransomware attack and so announces a delay in deliveries

    Unfortunately, a cyber attack that is revealed to be of the ransomware genre, hit Apetito, which offers free meals to hospitals, child care facilities, social welfare homes, and charities.

    Because of the digital invasion, the IT infrastructure was disrupted, prompting the company to announce a delay in the distribution of free meals across England.

    Apetito, which operates both in North America and the UK and also owns Wiltshire Farm Foods, admitted to having taken all precautionary measures to mitigate risks and assured that no card details were compromised in the incident.

    Those deliveries that were scheduled till Thursday, i.e. June 30th,2022 will be delayed by a couple of days and those scheduled for the 1st and after of next month will operate on time.

    Those who selected a menu for a free hot meal will get their meal on time. But not the one that they chose, but the one the company will provide.

    Everything is expected to be brought back to normalcy by this weekend, as a hardware and software overhaul is expected to be done by UK Microsoft’s division by this month-end.

    Cybersecurity Insiders have learned that the company was hit by a ransomware attack on June 26th and the motive of the hackers was clear- to extract a hefty amount in ransom.

    Investigations launched by the Trownbridge-based company have affirmed no Personal Identifiable Information was leaked or compromised in the attack.

    However, we can get more clarity on the issue when the company submits a report to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) by next month-end.


    Naveen Goud
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