Apple CEO to speak at the International Association of Privacy Professionals


Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, will deliver keynotes at the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) that will be held between April 11 to April 13 in Washington, DC.

Mr. Cook will speak at the Global Privacy Summit on April 12th,2022 at 9:15 am Eastern time and the speech will be streamed live on YouTube for those listed in the guest lists on other continents.

Apple is committed to offering utmost privacy to its iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other service users and has also disclosed to the US Government that it will never allow the fed to play with the security and privacy of its customers under any circumstances.

So, the technology giant will play a key role at the Global Privacy Summit that focuses on international privacy and data protection on a global note.

Trending on a separate topic, Tim Cook seems to have reached the news headlines for the wrong reasons.

Since yesterday, most of the senior-level employees working for Apple Inc have threatened Tim to quit as soon as he told them to return to office environments for work.

An official email sent to all employees states that the company is intending for its employees to join the office on April 11, enforcing a hybrid work environment for the next two months.

This means, employees need to attend office on a physical note at least 2 days a week till May 7th,2022; then for three days till May 23rd,2022.

Reacting to the news of back to the office, some employees have already drafted their resignations that will reach the desk of Cook by April 11th if he stays adamant in his decision to start hybrid work culture.

FYI, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Amazon have already started such a work culture since February this year. And Twitter is intending to enforce the hybrid work culture from April end of this year.


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