Apple fixes security vulnerability that allowed websites read browser data

Apple has discovered a new security flaw that allowed websites to read Safari browser data and even a user’s Google ID. And what’s concerning is that it affects all the Apple Operating System platforms including iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and newly released MacOS Monterey.

The tech giant has acknowledged the issue as critically legitimate announced that it has released a fix in its Release Candidate and is supposed to be rolled out soon.

Technically speaking, the flaw lies in the Indexed db API that is used by all web browsers. In actually, the said tool gives access to the websites to information related to the user after visiting a web portal. But researchers have found that a bug is reading the entire browsing history and can also reveal an identity of the user to hackers.

Meanwhile, the iPhone giant has also issued another update to its users that it will no longer support iOS 14 platforms and will only release critical security patches in days ahead.

That means, all users using the Apple iOS should start thinking of migrating their devices to iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 platforms (launched October last year) as early as possible.

Note 1- All those devices running on iOS 13 and iOS 14 will be eligible for an iOS 15 upgrade.

Note 2- From July 2022, Apple Inc has switched off 2G network accessibility on its devices. And with this decision the company will follow the likes of Google that has already decided and made it official to disable 2G network access on all its phones and is also intended to present its Android 12 OS with a feature to disable or enable 2G feature in its SIM Card Settings. So, will this move support the 5G network presentation in whole of US…..which only time can answer!

Naveen Goud
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