Apple iOS 13 to give more controls to users over personal data


Apple seems to be taking the privacy of its users in a serious and that’s evident from its latest release of iOS 13. The company announced yesterday that its new operating system will help its users select when and where their personal data can/is being shared.

Also, no more sign-in with Facebook and Google as the iPhone making giant has developed a new ‘Sign-In with Apple’ feature where users are allowed to opt out from sharing their email details with the apps as they can do it simply by authenticating with Face ID.

“As the logins can be used to track a user, we at Apple have taken all precautions to avoid such instances”, said Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Apple Inc.

Mr. Federighi added that Facebook and Google signs help online service users by auto-populating their credentials. But at the same time, the technology if fallen into wrong hands can lead to data breaches.

Users of iOS 13 of Apple will also be able to choose their location share wisely. They say that the tech giant will allow the location details sharing only once with the app which can also be later turned on or off.

Apple has also made an official announcement about its iTunes service shutdown at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019. It says that the service will be replaced by 3 separate apps where MacOS Catalina will help consume podcasts, stream music, and play videos.

Naveen Goud
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