Apple iOS 15 fixes a critical zero day vulnerability with update


All Apple iPhone and iPAD users are issued a warning about a critical zero day vulnerability that has to be fixed on an immediate note. The technology company has issued a fix to the vulnerability that not only quashes the flaw but also protects device users from poor battery life.

So, it is better if all iPhone and iPAD users navigate to the General tab> software updates and download and install the latest version of operating system, i.e. iOS 15.4.1

Describing the flaw, the iPhone giant said that it was discovered by independent researchers early last month and was related to arbitrary code execution with kernel privileges.

Apple iOS 15.4.1 fix will also rectify the battery draining faster flaw than expected and will also introduce a feature onto the gadget that allows Facial ID recognition by wearing a mask.

What’s more? The substantial update will also update the photo library feature with AI capabilities. And for the next 48 hours after the update, the battery on the gadget will drain faster than usual and then will return to normalcy.

Additionally, within a fortnight, the iOS 15.5 beta version of update will also be available to developers via over-the-air feature in the settings app. And it will be the last update available before the release of iOS 16.

Note– Apple Inc. provides its customer’s device updates from time to time. And the process helps users in protecting themselves from zero-day vulnerabilities existing in the wild.



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