Apple rolls out security update to fix Mac OS Password Glitch Vulnerability


Apple has rolled out a security update to fix a flaw on the new Mac OS High Sierra Software that allows anyone break into the operating systems without any security restrictions by merely using the login name “ Root” and password field as blank.

The glitch was first discovered by Turkish developer Lemi Ergin on November 13th of this year. And was notified to Apple’s development team and was also posted on Reddit.

Apple responded to the glitch and addressed the issue on Wednesday by rolling out a fix. The iPhone maker has also provided a web page to guide users further on this issue.

Readers of Cybersecurity Insiders have to notify that this was a third security flaw which was addressed by Apple in this year.

First, Apple addressed a security issue when some cellular connectivity enabled Watch Series 3 devices exhibited connectivity issues from August’17. The technology giant issued a fix to the issue through a software update after almost a month.

On November 10 of this year, Apple issued a fix to iPhone X’s problem where the screen was becoming unresponsive in cold temperatures.

Now, the Mac OS maker has issued an auto update to everyone running High Sierra (OS 10.13) whether they like it or not. It’s unusual but appropriate measure to defy the flaw in its software.

Note- Apple High Sierra is an operating system designed to bring Mac OS in line with iOS, Watch OS, and TV OS. The highlight of this OS is to bring Siri( Apple’s personal assistant) Integration to the Mac for the first time. All iMacs from late 2009 to newer, MacBooks and MacBook Retina released after 2009, MacBook Pro manufactured after 2010, MacBook Air from late 2010, Mac Mini and Mac Pro manufactured after 2010 are eligible for the OS update.

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