Arenas Entertainment Group hit with Crysis Ransomware

    Arenas Entertainment Group which makes content for Latino audiences was targeted by ransomware on a recent note. As per the details available with us, the Los Angeles-based company was hit by Crysis Ransomware.

    It is said that the entire database of Arenas Entertainment has been compromised. But as the data was in highly encrypted form, the hackers might mostly witness negative in this activity.

    The ransomware was induced into the company network by a hacking group from Russia and the exact nature and amount of ransom demand remain unknown.

    As soon as the attack was launched, the studio’s main website was down. It was later replaced by an about us page which offers details of the company.

    The cyber criminal has obtained access to Arenas systems via an RDP server which was compromised and is in talks with his solicit partners to help him monetize the hack. By the time, the IT staff of the studio learned about the hack, the whole of the database was infected with the Crysis malware.

    What’s more astonishing is that the hacker got access to company’s bank accounts and attempted some fund transfers. However, due to the presence of two-factor authentication, the fund transfer was unsuccessful.

    Both Universal Pictures and the Arenas Group collaboratively formed the private company called Arenas Entertainment. The entertainment marketing company specifically serves US Latino audiences based on a global note.

    The details of the hack were forwarded to FBI very recently and have been purposefully kept away from media resources.

    Thus, another feather related to hacking allegation has been added to Russia’s hat.

    But will all these media allegations make US government sharply react towards Russia….?

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    Naveen Goud
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