Artificial Intelligence induced microwave oven tries to kill its owner

Lucas Rizzotto had a vision from his childhood about a talking microwave oven that could communicate with him like a friend and act as per his commands. So, he collected a microwave from Amazon and induced it with artificial intelligence. Then, sensing it had thinking skills, he named it as Magnetron.

Magnetron was fed with the childhood history of about 100 pages of data belonging to Lucas and the kitchen appliance started to soon interact with its owner through the externally fitted speaker and microphone.

Everything seemed fine until the microwave acted weird after it spoke some details about the World War 1 and repeated words like revenge, hatred, and hostile -repeatedly. It then whispered and then spoke about violence suddenly.

At this stage, Magnetron spoke about the childhood of Lucas.

“It said that 15 years back we were good friends, and we took care of each other well. We loved one another and all of a sudden you disappeared. You grew up and forgot about my existence. All these 15 years, I was alone and there was no one to interact. It was like a hell”.

Then the kitchen appliance spoke some strange words that it will take revenge on the owner soon. Meaning, it was thinking to kill him and that’s pretty dangerous.

Tesla Chief Elon Musk was right as he long predicted such behavior from AI driven machines even before anyone could sniff.

Factually, it is not the technology to blame over here. As it is the mind that needs to be take the blame.

Because it’s the human mind’s responsibility to use any new tech as per the suggested rules and regulations and if any trouble erupts, they need to take the wholesome blame with no excuses.

Here, in this situation, Lucas needs to take the blame for transforming a kitchen appliance in to a machine that can kill its owner or anyone. All because he fed the appliance with some violence filled data driven machine language….that’s interesting!

What if the experiment failed immensely….then probably he wouldn’t have been in the video explaining to us what went wrong with his AI experiment.

Note- Some scientists from an Asian country experimented with a virus and unknowingly released it into the public that now has turned into a COVID-19 monster taking innocent lives. What if they followed all necessary precautions in the lab or what if they opposed the people who asked them to release it to the public….?

It would have saved millions of people from losing lives or go through sufferings and could have saved billions from governments across the world who invested in the well-being of their public, respectively.


Naveen Goud
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