Cypago Unveils New Automation Support for AI Security and Governance


Cyber GRC software provider Cypago has launched a new automation solution for AI governance, risk management, and compliance.

This includes implementation of NIST AI RMF and ISO/IEC 42001 standards, which are the latest frameworks for AI security and governance. As organizations increasingly incorporate AI into their business processes, daily operations, and customer-facing products and services, ensuring AI is used safely and within regulatory guidelines has become crucial.

The adoption rate of AI-powered tools and solutions is surging, fueled by the growing capabilities and accessibility of AI technologies, along with the significant advantages they offer to business operations. Yet, AI also introduces several risks such as the potential exposure of private data, opacity in operations, and escalating cyber threats. Moreover, companies must prepare for an evolving landscape of AI-related regulations within business contexts.

The optimal strategy for mitigating these risks and remaining compliant with AI regulations is to adopt robust cyber GRC practices, which continue to evolve rapidly. Cypago provides extensive risk management, around-the-clock automated monitoring, and tailored cybersecurity governance for AI applications, facilitating secure AI deployments for businesses.

“The world of AI is changing quickly, with new threats arising all the time and new regulations arriving frequently. We view it as our responsibility to help organizations maximize the benefits of AI while effectively mitigating the risks and ensuring compliance with best practices and good governance,” said Arik Solomon, CEO of Cypago. “These latest features ensure that Cypago supports the newest AI and cyber governance frameworks, enabling GRC and cybersecurity teams to automate GRC with the most up-to-date requirements.”

Cypago offers continuous visibility into an organization’s tools, applications, and models, while automating many of the processes required for effective risk evaluation and threat monitoring. The platform’s advanced security protocols for AI systems safeguard against cyber threats, data breaches, and compliance breaches.

Furthermore, Cypago has experience in deploying safe AI technologies, having integrated natural language processing models and generative AI command prompts into its offerings in 2023.

The platform enhances the management of security, risk, and compliance, streamlining the identification and rectification of gaps, which enables quicker response to new threats and vulnerabilities. It also ensures adherence to global, national, and industry-specific regulations, giving companies the confidence to navigate the intricate compliance environment related to AI use.

About Cypago

Cypago’s revolutionary SaaS-based Cyber GRC Automation (CGA) platform redefines the three lines model by eliminating friction and bridging the gap between management, security, and operations. It transforms GRC initiatives into automated processes, enabling in-depth visibility, streamlining enforcement, and significantly reducing overall costs. The platform leverages innovative technologies, including advanced analysis and correlation engines, GenAI, and NLP models, designed to support any security framework in any IT environment, both in the cloud and on-premises. Cypago was founded in 2020 by tech leaders and cybersecurity veterans with decades of combined experience in the development, operations, and commercialization of cybersecurity solutions. For more information, visit


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