Best Password Manager: Keep Your Accounts Safe

Password managers are quickly becoming a necessary tool for browsing the internet. At, we take security and privacy seriously. We’re here today for one reason: to pick from our password manager reviews the best option to secure your online accounts.

The massive list ahead will give all the gritty details on why we like each password manager, but our favorite pick, overall, is Dashlane

While you should be fine with Dashlane, it isn’t the pick for everyone. We’ll compare other password managers over the course of five rounds (features, pricing, user friendliness, security and support) and rank our top three in each.

Before we do that, though, let’s answer what use a password manager has in your online life and just how secure the applications are.

What is a Password Manager? 

A password manager is a platform that stores and encrypts your passwords. It securely logs your passwords for every platform you use. This makes signing in easy and sometimes automatic. You can also generate random passwords and find out just how strong your password is.

Why use a Password Manager? 

Data security is not a new topic to most of us. Cyber threats are becoming more and more sophisticated and we need to evolve with hackers. The days of using “password123” are long gone. Password managers allow you to generate and store random complicated passwords that make hacking almost impossible. 

Which Password Manager is Best for Me? 

A password manager holds the key to open all of your login information. It is important you do the research to find a secure platform you can trust. Lucky for you, we already did a thorough investigation of your options. During our testing, we took into account five important points. These include: features, pricing, user friendliness, security, and support.

To find the best password manager for you, head over to and check out our in-depth breakdown of the best password manager


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