Best schools which offer Cybersecurity Degrees recognized across the world


If you planning to take up a job in Cybersecurity in the future and searching for an educational stream in this subject after your high school, then you need to take a look at this article.


Factually speaking, only 1-2 institutes in the world offer a direct Cybersecurity degree and its not that easy to bag a seat in these reputed institutions. But if you are a qualified Computer Science graduate with merit then the next step in your qualification path will be to pursue an MS degree in computer science with a specialization in the Cybersecurity field. Because this allows you to get a certificated authorization to build out digital systems for modern companies like those related to data storage and IT systems


Remember by going through the below specified 3-4 year certification programs, you can stay assured of a stable career at least for a decade or so as you will be eligible for one of the following designations in public and private entities of federal governments


Security Analysts


Security software developers

security consultant

security engineer



Going forward lets now focus on the list of best schools which offer well-recognized Cybersecurity degrees as of 2019


1. Georgia Institute of Technology- This institute offers an MS degree in Cybersecurity which helps develop practical skills in Information Security, Energy Systems and Public policy and those graduating for this school will automatically be ingested into companies related to energy and power sector which are in dire need of people with Cybersecurity utmost skills. Note- Research work in this school will mostly be related to projects tied up with the US government, military, and private industries.


2.Purdue University- An MS Degree in Computer Science will offer its students a full-on experience with various Cybersecurity programs. So, those pursuing the said degree will be qualified to be specialists in the field of Cybersecurity. However, you need to have a Bachelors’s degree in Computer Science from a reputed institute to pursue a degree in the said institute and merit plays a vital role. Note- Purdue’s Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security Lab(CERIAS) happens to be a reputed research lab in the field of Cybersecurity.


3.University of Maryland College Park- A BS degree in Computer Science in this institute will give its students an overview of Cybersecurity who could further plunge into the field with related certifications later. Note- This university has a direct association with govt agencies such as Lockheed Martin, Cisco, Airbus, and Northrop Grumman.


4. Rochester Institute of Technology(RIT)- RIT offers a BS and MS Degrees in Computing Security which is essential to certify a student as an independent Cybersecurity expert. This institute also offers a specialization in Cryptography as many of those working on Facebook Libra are certified with the said degree.


5.University of Pittsburgh- Degrees in BS and MS in Information Science and the emphasis will be on Cyber Crime mitigation and IT infrastructure defense improvement.


6.University of California Davis- Degrees in MS in Computer Science and the emphasis will be on Cyber Attack Prevention and IT infrastructure defense improvement.


7.Virginia Tech- Degree in BS In Computer Engineering, BS in Networks and Cybersecurity and specialization in Cyber operations and Information security assurance can be done with this degree.

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