Bitglass: Securing Any App at the Drop of a Hat


This post was originally published here by Shane Moore.

The cloud offers a smorgasbord of tools that allow employees to perform their work more flexibly and efficiently than ever before. However, enterprises are using more than just the popular software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications like Office 365Salesforce, and Box. More and more, they are deploying less common, niche apps to store and process data. Unfortunately, little is typically done to secure the long tail of SaaS, as these apps are collectively known. Fortunately, Bitglass can secure any cloud app, as described below.

Last month, a Bitglass customer came to us and asked if we could secure Smartsheet, a lesser-known collaboration and work management SaaS app – it was the first time that a Bitglass customer had asked us to secure the application. Despite the fact that the app represented a greenfield project, the good old boys (and girls) at the Next-Gen CASB were able to use our any-app capability to secure Smartsheet within minutes. Our customer was shocked at how quickly we were able to give them the protections they wanted – they told us they felt like they were high on the hog!

With this use case in mind, we started referencing Smartsheet as an example of how Bitglass can secure absolutely any application. Interestingly, as we did so, two prospects announced that they, too, were fixing to secure Smartsheet. They were elated to discover that our CASB could already give them everything they needed; for example, by protecting credit card numbers and other field level data.

For organizations that choose Bitglass, security teams can kick back with a mint julep and relax. Would you like to know that your data is safe in any app? Well, I reckon you should request a demo from the Next-Gen CASB. 



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