Bitglass Security Spotlight: Yale, LifeLock, & SingHealth

This post was originally published here by Jacob Serpa. 

Here are the top cybersecurity stories of recent weeks: 

  • Decade-old breach at Yale uncovered
  • Bug exposes LifeLock customer data
  • Patient data of 1.5 million exposed in SingHealth breach
  • Tesla, GM, Toyota, and others expose 157 GB of data
  • COSCO hit with ransomware attack

Decade-old breach at Yale uncovered

About ten years ago, Yale University suffered a breach. Unfortunately, at the time, the intrusion was not detected. Alumni and various faculty and staff had information like Social Security numbers exposed. This event highlights the need for proactive cybersecurity measures as well as constant threat monitoring. 

Bug exposes LifeLock customer data

In an ironic twist of fate, LifeLock, an organization built upon defending customers from identity theft, was found to have exposed its users’ email addresses through a bug. The company’s users are now more vulnerable to targeted phishing attacks that imitate communications from LifeLock. 

Patient data of 1.5 million exposed in SingHealth breach

Singaporean healthcare organization, SingHealth, was recently breached – much to the ire of those in the country pushing for Singapore to become a cloud-first nation. The cybersecurity incident exposed sensitive information belonging to 1.5 million, including 160,000 whose prescription details were stolen. 


Tesla, GM, Toyota, and others expose 157 GB of data

Leading automotive companies (Ford, Volkswagen, and many others) were recently found to have extensive amounts of proprietary information publicly available online. The data was reportedly exposed by poor configurations around rsync protocol, demonstrating, once again, the importance of maintaining a robust and detail-oriented security posture. 

COSCO hit with ransomware attack 

As one of the biggest shipping enterprises in the world, COSCO sends countless goods around the globe every day. Unfortunately, the company was recently hit with a ransomware attack that harmed some of its US operations. While the company has since responded to the attacks, ransomware continues to represent an imposing threat for businesses everywhere. 

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