Boston Public Library hit by Cyber Attack

Boston Public Library (BPL) branches based in Massachusetts have been witnessing a digital disruption since Wednesday last week, all because of a cyber attack. And sources say that they are using pen and paper to keep the administrative tasks operational.

The IT staff of the BPL is unsure when the services will be brought back to normalcy, as the recovery work might prove time-consuming and is underway.

Natasha Fee, the spokeswoman for BPL Computer Network, has confirmed the news and stated that the library operations will remain operational on a physical note.

Prima facie has revealed that the incident could be of Ransomware genre as most of the affected systems are locked down from access and an official conformation is awaited!

Note- Founded in 1848, the Boston Public Library, also called the Library for the Commonwealth, is open to all local public and is being run by state funding. Populace living in the district can access over 24 million books and are also entitled to participate in over 10,000 programs. From the year 2007, BPL has been assigned with the service of free to use wireless internet across all of its 24 branches and from 2011 the premises were also holding pay-for-print services for local public. Students and those involved in research can borrow laptops for rent at any location for 2 hours, provided they hold a premium membership. Library card holders are also allowed to access e-book content on their mobiles, tablets and personal computers and can also access movies streaming services along with music files.

Naveen Goud
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