Britain Banks are vulnerable to cyber attacks from North Korea

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong UN has decided to loot Britain banks through cyber attacks in order to fund his country’s nuclear ambitions. And the best part of this alert is that GCHQ has learned about this cyber invasion last week and has started to initiate measures to raise the cyber defenses of banks operating in its nation.

Robert Hannigan, the former director of GCHQ has disclosed the above-said alert to the world and said that the entire financial sector in Britain is vulnerable to cyber attacks from the rogue nation.

Mr. Robert cited the latest WannaCry attack on NHS as an example of what he said above and added that Donald Trump is unnecessarily wasting his time in warning Kim Jong against his activities.

Speaking to Sunday Times, Robert Hannigan said that North Korea’s missiles might not have the potential to reach the UK, but their cyber attacks do have the potential to cause trouble. At this juncture, Robert said that sanctions pressure on North Korea is not going to work on Kim Jong as he never cares about these issues in reality, as he has different resources to fund his nuclear ambitions.

Robert said that the 45th US president was unnecessarily wasting his time in warning Kim. He added that people like Kim Jong have to be destroyed on an immediate note as any leniency given to them at this time could spell a doom on the whole world.

Mr. Hannigan who is serving as a chairman of the European Advisory Board of BlueTeamGlobal also mentioned that Russia is another nation which needs to be tamed on an immediate note.

Hope, the leader of United States has taken a note of the words of Mr. Robert Hannigan and goes after Kim Jong Un with full force.

Note- Till April this year North Korea targeted Bitcoin exchanges through cyber attacks to fund its nuclear ambitions. And now they are interested in looting banks based in Britain to fulfill their financial ambitions.


Naveen Goud
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