British Army Twitter and YouTube accounts hacked

British Army released a press statement admitting a hack of its Twitter and YouTube accounts by a hacker/s on Sunday last week. The spokesperson admitted they hacked the accounts to divert web traffic to fake NFTs and Crypto currency-related scams. Hackers also defaced the profile and banner pictures with some random letters, such as ‘Bapesclan’ ‘Psssd’ and ‘Possessed’.

Some of the web traffic was experienced differently as they were being diverted to YouTube Channels hosting interviews related to Elon Musk and Satya Nadella of Microsoft.

UK’s YouTube Military account was also changed as the channel’s name was re-written as ‘Ark Invest’, a firm related to Musk and Bitcoin Bull chief Cathie Wood.

Twitter experienced a similar incident in July last year when some of the celebrity accounts on its servers were hacked and the traffic was diverted to a fundraising webpage asking for donations in Cryptocurrency.

Britain’s Ministry of Defense has taken the issue seriously and started an investigation. It has assured that those behind the incident will be prosecuted harshly.

NOTE 1- A certain section of media reported the Facebook account of the British Army was also hacked and some followers were bombarded with images of women who did not wear clothes. But a source from the Army said that the news was fake and might be a figurative imagination of some journalists backed by some state-funded hackers.

NOTE 2- Russia is against the west as they are backing Ukraine with arms, munition, finances, and essentials. So, Kremlin is suspected of the cyber attack on the British Army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts.


Naveen Goud
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