British citizen convicted in Deutsche Telekom Cyber Attack


A British citizen who was arrested in February this year was sentenced to 20 months of imprisonment by a German court for attempting a computer sabotage on Deutsche Telekom which disrupted over 900,000 of its consumer routers last November.

The 29-Year old named Daniel K also known as Spiderman to his online fans has admitted that he has committed a mistake of his life by using a modified version of Mirai botnet code to hack the routers. He said to the court that he wanted to start his married life on a happy note and so took the job of launching a cyber attack on the routers of a telecommunication company.

At the same time, the young lad also told the Court that he committed the crime on the word of the person holding a high position at a Liberian Telecom company. The person whose name remains undisclosed asked Daniel to launch a cyber attack on commercial routers of  Deutsche Telekom so that the event could cause huge losses.

And for committing this crime, Daniel received a payment of 7,700 pounds worth of Bitcoins.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Deutsche Telekom said that the attack caused the company a loss of 1.7 million pounds which ended after its customers were advised to restart their routers after a software upgrade.

Daniel is also a wanted fugitive in the UK in a case related to the cyber attack and so will be extradited to England soon.

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