Browser vulnerability troubles to Chrome and Safari users Worldwide


An advisory issued yesterday by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore is urging all Google Chrome users to install the new browser version on their Windows, Mac and Linux systems, respectively. The search giant has also issued a major update that fixes almost all the vulnerabilities and fixes most of the major security flaws, such as the recently identified 11 security flaws that are of high severity.

As soon as we close a chrome browser and open it, it normally updates and upgrades its self to the new version. This happens with other browsers like Edge and Firefox and is being witnessed as such, from the past 33 months.

Those interested can click on the right side top corner on the three dots , go to the help tab and go to the “About Chrome” option to read out the text.

Kaspersky has discovered that threat actors are embedding malware viruses into the browser extension and are passing them to online users who are opting for add-ons. The Russia-based Cybersecurity firm has found that adds-ons are being pre-loaded with adware, and tools that sniff data that is going from and to the browser and then pass it on to the hackers. Stealing of login credentials is already taking place from ages and now PDF converters and Video Downloaders are also being laced with viruses.

Sensing trouble, Google has already imposed a ban on over 108 extensions as they were having malicious intentions and is strongly urging users to patch their chrome browsers as early as possible.

Coming to the second news, Apple has released an alert to all iPad, iPhone and Mac device users to keep their Safari browsers updated, as there is a high probability that threat actors can exploit their devices via a vulnerability/s.

The issue is with a feature called WebKit that powers the Apple Safari web browser engine, and it is through this tool that the cyber criminals are gaining a foothold.

The warning of the Safari browser vulnerability applies to all 6S models of iPhone, iPad 5th generation and then on, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4 along with iPad Pro Models, including the iPod Touch of 7th generation.

It is better if each apple device reviews their security updates page and starts gaining the updates as early as possible.


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