CASBs and the Long Tail of SaaS


This post was originally published here by Rich Campagna

In the past couple of years, enterprises have devoted massive time and resources to securing well known SaaS applications like Office 365Salesforce and Box, often relying on tools like IDaaS and Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs). These deployment projects typically represent a very visible first step towards cloud adoption for a given enterprise.

Once that initial migration is completed, a funny thing happens. Formerly reluctant security and compliance professionals start to warm to the fact that cloud apps can be more secure than their on-premises counterparts (if used securely), and the business realizes that cloud apps really can live up to their promises of improved productivity, mobility, performance and availability. As a result, cloud catches on like a virus, with catchy terms like “cloud first” introduced to the corporate vernacular and the Long Tail of SaaS applications rears its ugly head. 

The Long Tail of SaaS applications are the tens of thousands of cloud apps that while possibly necessary for your business, represents an outsized security risk for two reasons. First, these application vendors have a lot less money and resources than vendors like Microsoft, with their $1Bn cloud security budget. Second, your investment in a CASB platform is not likely to support most long tail applications.

Most CASBs offer a catalog of supported applications that your organization can choose from. These curated lists are made up of popular applications like G Suite and Box, and adding new applications to the list means development time for the CASB vendor and painful delays while your requested application sits “on the roadmap.”

Bitglass is the only CASB to support the Long Tail of SaaS straight out of the cloud, via Any App support. Within minutes, your organization achieves agentless, real-time access control, data & threat protection, mobile protection, SSO/MFA and more — for any app — custom or packaged software in the cloud, premises applications, and of course the Long Tail of SaaS. No changes to the app, no problematic client-side agents, and no waiting an eternity for new apps to be added. Future-proofing for your evolving cloud footprint.



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