CEO of Group IB that prevents ransomware attacks arrested for treason charges


Group IB, a security company from Russia that helps prevent ransomware spread, is in news for wrong reasons. The CEO of the said company Ilya Sachkov was arrested by the intelligence services of Moscow and put in jail for the next two months.

Highly placed sources say that the founder of Group IB was arrested on the charges of treason, that is for passing vital information to intelligence services of foreign soil.

However, a spokesperson from the company that specialized in preventing cyber crime and ransomware spread said that the arrest of the founder of Group IB was true and the charges pressed against the Ilya Sachkov were completely false and baseless. The spokesperson also assured that the company will release a press update on the issue by early next week.

Till Mr. Sanchkov is in prison, the leadership responsibility will be assumed by Dmitri Volkov, the co-founder of Group IB that is now headquartered in the central region of Singapore now.

Note 1- The 20-year-old company in discussion is an official cyber security partner for Interpol and Europol and has hosted many International Law enforcement conferences in Moscow.

Note 2- Russia’s Federal Security Service Bureau, a successor to KGB(Committee for State Security) has arrested over 12 dignitaries in the past few months on treason charges and that includes scientists, cyber security officers, journalists and now Ilaya Sanchkov.

Note 3- Treason meaning is to betray a country/state by passing on critical information to foreign governments. This is done out of vengeance or with a motive to overthrow the current political governance. And the Vladimir Putin led nation pronounces a 12-20-year term of imprisonment for those found guilty.

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