Check Point CloudGuard Network Security now integrates with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s new Flexible Network Load Balancer


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Cloud Alliance Engineering

Check Point is thrilled to announce support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s new Flexible Network Load Balancer with CloudGuard Network Security.  The Flexible Network Load Balancer allows organizations to create a flexible, scalable, and redundant security architecture within OCI that supports all ports and protocols.

Load balancing is a key component in your cloud infrastructure and plays a pivotal role in the digital experience of your users.  As the gateway between users and your applications, load balancers enable the availability, scalability, and agility that your business needs in today’s digitally transformed world.

Over the past few months, Oracle has made significant enhancements to their Load Balancing service.  The Flexible load balancer provides the utmost flexibility, with responsive scaling up and down.  Customers are able to choose a custom minimum bandwidth and an optional maximum bandwidth, anywhere from 10–8,000 Mbps.  The minimum bandwidth is always available and provides instant readiness for your workloads.  If you need to control costs, the optional maximum bandwidth setting can limit bandwidth, even during unexpected peaks.  Based on incoming traffic patterns, the available bandwidth scales up from the minimum as traffic increases.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s new flexible network load balancer is a Layer 3/Layer 4(TCP/UDP/ICMP) pass-through load balancer. It complements OCI’s flexible load balancer which is a Layer 4 (TCP) and Layer 7(HTTP) proxy based load balancing solution.  Flexible network load balancer provides the benefits of flow high availability, source and destination IP address, and port preservation.  It is designed to handle volatile traffic patterns and millions of flows, offering high throughput while maintaining ultra-low latency.

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