China blamed for Ransomware attacks on Microsoft Exchange Servers


United States, NATO Member Countries and European Union has issued a joint statement early today accusing China for the ransomware attacks that targeted Microsoft Exchange Servers across the world and crippling computer networks of several companies.

Point to be noted over here that this is for the first time that all the renowned countries of the world are putting the blame of China’s Ministry for funding a massive cyber attack on over 250,000 Email Exchange servers(30k servers in America alone) owned by the Satya Nadella led company.

The public update also added the fact that the china funded ransomware attack on Microsoft was not the first to be identified on the official note.

NATO’s spokesperson also disclosed that the same hacking group dubbed Hafnium was also involved in launching digital extortion attacks, crypto jacking, and banking credentials stealing malware.

All these days, United States considered China as its adversary, but never made its intentions public.

But since the breakout of Wuhan Virus in November 2019, the then US President Donald Trump issued a public statement that the Xi Jinping led nation was to be blamed for the spread of COVID-19 Pandemic worldwide.

And from then on, Russia and China are being blamed for any massive cyber attacks that take place on public and private entities operating in the West. And on some occasions both the nations were found guilty for launching massive cyber attacks such as the Wannacry Ransomware attack 2017, SolarWinds Cyber Attack 2020 and Kaseya ransomware attack of 2021 aka Colossal Cyber Attack.

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