Cisco launches new technology to detect cyber threats in networks

Networking giant Cisco has come up with a new software technology called “Encrypted Traffic Analytics” which can detect malware when it’s hidden in encrypted traffic and can immediately alert the network admins about the presence of malicious software. The California-based company claims that this “intent based” technology is the first to hit the networking world and so Cisco is feeling elated to announce it.

Cisco’s Encrypted Traffic Analytics is the most advanced way to target anomalies in a network connecting billions of devices and has the ability to detect pattern abnormalities within an encrypted traffic without causing any kind of compromise to privacy.

Cisco plans to offer its new software called Encrypted Traffic Analytics as a subscription and is currently in field trials with 75 customers. The company claims that most of the ISPs and enterprise users who have used its new software confirm that the software is 99% effective.

In a report announced in June ’17, Cisco made it official that over the next few years, the global traffic is expected to increase three-fold and will reach 3.3 Zettabytes by 2021.

It has to be notified over here that the annual run rate of data was just 1.2 zeta bytes in 2016.

And by offering the cyber attack prevention technology, the Silicon Valley-based company becomes the world’s first technology conglomerate to show concern over the growing concerns on cyber attacks on enterprise IT.

Hope, the new technology offered by Cisco makes it harder for hackers to launch cyber attacks on organizations using Cisco Gear.

Naveen Goud
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