Cisco released Duo Mobile for added Security


To all those searching for 2FA apps, here’s a new product from the stable of Cisco Systems. The networking giant has released an authentication app that works on both Google and iOS platforms and informs its users whenever somebody logs into their account by using their username and password.

It is like that of Google Authentication, where a notification is sent by the web search giant to the registered mobile of the user, after which they can decide whether to approve or decline the login request.

The usage of Duo Mobile App is simple and takes just a few minutes to connect accounts and finish the process of set-up. Most importantly, the usage interface is simple and a single tap can make the approval and denial.

As Cisco takes its user protection seriously, it has released Duo Mobile with utmost security. Additionally, the app cannot access sensitive info, such as contacts, text messages, photos and videos, as it is against its privacy laws. So, users can stay assured that the app cannot rise any data security concerns in the future.

For scanning of QR-Codes, the app needs to have access to the device’s camera. But the user of Duo Mobile will be provided the privilege of customizing the access options to a large extent.

Cisco argues that its authentication app doesn’t sell or share data with 3rd parties and so the concern of information falling into wrong hands gets eliminated on a permanent note.

NOTE 1– Often such apps eliminate the risks of accounts being hijacked and as it is operable on iOS and Android ecosystem, it seems to have an added advantage in this competition filled world.

NOTE 2- Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, andOTP and LastPass are some apps that are prevailing in the top position of the Best 2FA apps. But the middle two are only useful when used on/with related services. For instance, Microsoft Authenticator works while accessing OneDrive account on multiple devices.the


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