Closing the Zero Trust Gap: Invary Leads Cybersecurity Innovation with New Approach


Invary is advancing a new age of cybersecurity, focusing on restoring trust in existing cyberdefense tech stacks. Led by Jason Rogers and Dr. Wesley Peck, the company aims to bolster security infrastructure by addressing the crucial yet often overlooked runtime security gap.

Breaking Assumptions to Break Ground

During a recent interview, Rogers and Peck emphasized the necessity of questioning and testing long-standing assumptions within the cybersecurity sector. An alarming loophole lies in the common assumption that the operating system is always uncompromised and trustworthy. This blind spot persists even in advanced defenses like XDR, SIEM, and CNAPP solutions, creating a dangerous window of opportunity for threat actors.

To close this gap, Invary’s Runtime Integrity offering will enforce continuous validation of the operating system, forming an integral part of a “trust nothing” Zero Trust architecture. The innovative technology promises superior protection for the digital environment, efficiently detecting compromise.

Funding Fuels Expansion and Innovation

The successful completion of the pre-seed funding round, led by Flyover Capital, NetWork Kansas GROWKS Equity program, and the KU Innovation Park, is not merely a monetary boost for Invary, but a strong endorsement of their innovative approach to cybersecurity. The funding will catalyze the launch of Invary’s Runtime Integrity offering and support its broader mission to prevent data breaches and ransomware attacks.

Dr. Peck shared his enthusiasm about the funding in the interview, explaining that the investment validates their work and will help them “improve Invary’s Runtime Integrity Service while making our agent open source.”

Commitment to the Ecosystem

Apart from its proprietary services, Invary offers a free Runtime Integrity Score (RISe) service. Available now, this service lets customers assess their system’s integrity and spot hidden malware. This initiative reflects Invary’s steadfast dedication to enhancing the safety of the entire cyber community. CEO Jason Rogers stated in the interview, “We are thrilled to have secured this pre-seed funding, as it validates the need for Invary’s novel technology to shore up existing cyber defenses against high impact hidden threats.” Considering the fact that 72% of cyberattacks occur in production, according to Datadog’s latest State of Application Security report, the need for a solution is both apparent and urgent.

The Powerhouse Team

Invary’s leadership team boasts decades of operational expertise in Trusted Computing research. The company’s security credentials are further fortified by the inclusion of founder Dr. Perry Alexander, an eminent authority in Trusted Computing research, and his protégé Dr. Wesley Peck.

Unique Focus on Runtime Security

Invary’s unique approach to runtime security plugs this critical gap in the security infrastructure. Built on an exclusive intellectual property grant from the NSA, Invary’s Runtime Integrity service mandates continuous validation of the operating system, uncovering hidden threats that often go undetected by conventional threat detection systems. This strategy aligns with the principles of a Zero Trust architecture, which mandates a “trust nothing, verify everything” approach to cybersecurity.

By ensuring the integrity of the operating system and neutralizing threats at the runtime, Invary provides a critical layer of security that fortifies an organization’s defense against high-impact attacks like ransomware and data breaches. Its Runtime Integrity Score (RISe) service also allows customers to spot-check their system’s integrity and identify hidden malware, providing a vital, proactive tool in maintaining a secure digital environment.

Recognition from the Industry

Invary’s innovative approach has garnered praise from industry leaders. Jon Broek, CEO of Tenfold Security, commended Invary’s technology, stating, “Invary Runtime Integrity gives us an unfair advantage over the competition when deployed with our security solutions for cloud and virtual machines.”

With its unique approach, a proven team, and strong financial backing, Invary is closing a critical gap in Zero Trust security, setting a new standard in the industry.


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