Cloud Security Alliance cautions on the safety of Quantum Computing!


Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), an organization which preaches security practices to the cloud computing world has raised concerns on the risks associated with quantum computing. The non-profit organization says that though most of the companies are aware of the risks, they are still not in a position to take action.

According to the Safe Security Awareness report compiled by CSA, since companies are not yet ready to take action, they are in a situation of facing a serious future cyber threat where data can get easily exposed to any entity holding a quantum computer.

“In the next 10 years, the world will witness a cryptographically useful Quantum Computer”, said Bruno Huttner, Product Manager for Quantum Safe Division of ID Quantique. He added that this breakthrough may also yield negative effects on the global digital communications infrastructure.

However, Quantum computing experts say that still there is a lot of work to be done on this note and so the doomsday is still far off.

Technically speaking, Quantum Computers are used mostly in big data world as there is a need to process massive amounts of data needing more 1s & 0s along with transistors on a simultaneous note. Also, quantum computer used quantum bits, known as qubits unlike regular bits used in classical computers. These devices can store vast amounts of data and use less energy for doing so than a classical computer.

As nations around the world like China are investing heavily on the research and development of Quantum computing, technology when fallen into wrong hands can make most of the sophisticated encryption systems futile. Therefore it can make all rogue states leverage the power of quantum to attack the banking and financial systems based mainly in western countries.

In short, Quantum computing can prove as an unprecedented opportunity to the virtual world and as a serious threat.

What’s your say on the technology of Quantum computing…?

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Naveen Goud
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