Cloud Security firm Bitglass issues an Insider Threat alert by accusing Netskope

Cloud Security firm Bitglass has issued an insider threat alert as soon as it learnt that one of its former employees has leaked confidential information to the firm’s competitor Netskope, which then gained an upper hand in the marketplace with the siphoned data.

Joseph Green, who worked as an engineer in Bitglass till April’19 is reported to have stolen confidential information related to his former company and sold it to Netskope after he joined the firm for benefits.

The former cloud security provider has accused the latter for disrupting the business relationship existing with customers and clients by using the stolen data that includes customer feedbacks, employee compensation related to files, training material, organization charts and some details of the upcoming product architecture.

Bitglass has filed a 31-page lawsuit in Santa Clara District court against Netskope for using marketing material related to the company in its marketing campaign launched in May 2020 which was misleading and was targeted to tarnish the image of Bitglass to the core by altering customer satisfaction metrics.

Netskope is yet to react to the lawsuit and the media update given by Bitglass. But a source from the company said that the company is mature enough to deal with such lawsuits and business threats prudently.

Note– Joseph Green joined Bitglass in Oct’17 after leaving Palo Alto Networks and served the company till April 2019. As the executive had access to the company’s email server and other applications, he downloaded large amounts of data from Bitglass’s Google Drive Repository only to hand it over to Netskope later.

Naveen Goud
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