Cloudflare clarifies network change and not Cyber Attack


A downtime caused on the network of Cloudflare was claimed to be a cyber attack by some online news resources. But the cloud service giant responded by giving a press statement that the disruption caused on Monday this week was because of a network change and not by digital attack.

CloudFlare downtime caused some of the big companies like Discord, DoorDash, NordVPN, Zerodha, Upstox to lose network access for a couple of hours. Though the service was restored by the network infrastructure provider at the earliest, it led to connection issues to several customers as their ISPs failed to catch the network change.

Coinbase and Shopify customers that were using a different network service provider also suffered a downtime in parallel with CloudFlare. And it was then that the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter buzzed with disinformation that the downtime could have been caused by cyber attacks launched by Russian federation as it announced a digital war on the west long back, as the latter was supporting Ukraine by supplying arms, ammunition, finances and essentials such as food, fuel and satellite-based internet.

Thus, to shut down the gossip mongers, Cloudflare issued a public statement that some of its data centers went for a network change and a technical glitch caused the downtime.

NOTE 1– Cloudflare started as a content delivery network service provider and then jumped into the business of Ddos mitigation. Founded in the year 2010, it is now acting as a hosting services provider for customers across America and the world.

NOTE 2- When Russian started an invasion in Ukraine, CloudFlare refused to join the treaty of companies that announced withdrawal of support from the Putin led nation for waging war with Ukraine. In May 2022, it clarified that it will defy the demands of exit from business and will neither support Moscow in its war with Volodymyr Zelensky led nation.


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