Conti Ransomware gang strikes BlueForce Inc

    BlueForce Inc has revealed on April 20th, 2022 that some fraudulent group of hackers has got hold of its data and was trying to threaten it. The company that serves as a defense contractor to government and private firms released a press statement on this note and said that a third party security firm has been pressed into service to investigate the incident.

    From the third week of this month, BlueForce Inc started the process of digitally informing its customers and mentioned in the statement that hackers made access to its servers since May 4th, 2021 and might have stolen critical information.

    Unconfirmed sources from the company say Conti Ransomware Group was behind the attack of stealing and encrypting the information from access.

    Conti is a notorious gang of cyber criminals that is being probably funded by Russian intelligence to support the vision of Putin in the war against Ukraine. In the past two years, the gang took the threat to the next level by blackmailing the victim that they will sell the stolen data on the dark web and will tarnish the image of the company among its competitors, partners and investors leading stocks crash at the trading markets and fund crunch as most of the investors will back-off from the plan of investing more on the company from then-on.

    Coming to BlueForce Inc business, it offers training programs, acquisition management, modeling and simulation, security sector reformation, civil-military relations, stability operations, information warfare, security sector reform, strategic communication, law enforcement and corrections, and exercise and experimentation.


    Naveen Goud
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