Cyber Attack disrupts Vodafone Portugal entire 4G and 5G Network


A malicious cyber attack has reportedly hit Vodafone Portugal servers, bringing the 4G and 5G network across the country to a complete halt since February 7th,2022. And news is out that the company couldn’t restore its servers even after 24 hours, deeply affecting wired landline services, SMS, mobile internet, digital TV and call services on a wholesome note.

Vodafone’s CEO Mario Vaz issued a press statement denying any evidence of customer data being stolen or compromised because of the attack and apologized for the inconvenience caused to its 4,000,000+ customers.

The 3G services offered by Vodafone to prepaid customers were restored within 2 hours of the cyber attack and the restoration work for 4G and 5G networks was underway.

Note 1- In January 2022, the hacking group named Lapsu$ Group hackers digitally stormed into the TV network of Impresa. And was found to have infiltrated into the network of Portugal Parliament stealing personal information related to MPs and some party documents.

Note 2- Vodafone Portugal is the world’s first Telecom operator to offer VOLTE based television subscription on smart watches in 2015 and is probably the first network operator in the entire world to offer 5G based 4K television streaming to some of its premium customers from the year 2019.

Naveen Goud
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