Cyber Attack forces government agencies to shut down in Albania Europe


A cyber-attack hit Albania, a region in Europe,, resulting in the shutdown and disruption of several government websites in and around the region Tirana. The Albanian National Agency for the Information Society (AKSHI) stated confirmed the news and assured that it will release more details on the incident as soon as the investigation gets concluded.

It seems to be a state funded attack as the list of disrupted websites includes the web portals linked to Prime Ministers Office, e-Albania and country’s parliament.

A team of security experts from Microsoft has been assigned the duty to investigate the cyber incident. And the Jones Group International Team is also offering assisting the tech giant in the probe.

For those uninitiated, in the first week of May, the Government of Albania closed all civil state offices to favor only the operations of government online portal e-Albania that offered services related to residence, tax and business activities to citizens of Albania.

NOTE 1- For the past two years, Albania is being marred by constant data protection scandals that include information leak of database related to car registration plates, phone numbers, names, employers, salaries and such.

NOTE 2- Albania is in Eastern Europe and Tirana is its capital and has Ilir Meta as its President.

NOTE 3- Till the year 1953, Albania was considered as an economically backward country. But all thanks to some political and economic reforms, the country transformed now into an upper middle-income country.


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