Cyber Attack leads to serious data breach at UK Eurocell


Eurocell, a UK based firm that is into the manufacturing of UPVC doors, windows and accessories was hit by a cyber attack recently, leaking critical details of employees that includes bank account details, DoBs, nominee names, national insurance number and tax information, health and well-being info, disciplinary records if any, grievances related to employees and on employees and such.

Cyber security analysts suspect the data can be used for extortion and can be apparently sold on the dark web for huge profits.

The Derbyshire based company issued a public statement early today that they have hired specialists from Haynes Connor to negotiate with the criminals or to provide a solution to come out of the situation.

Currently, there is zero evidence that the data has been misused or compromised and claimed that the info of its 2030 employees was safe and risk free.

Prima facie, conducted by Eurocell, claimed that data was copied indeed from the servers storing data from showrooms in Wolverhampton, Stafford, Shrewsbury, Kidderminster, Cannock, and Brierley Hill.

NOTE- Using a strong and unique 14–18-character password, and keeping a tab on bank and financial details can help in curbing data breaches to a large extent. Backing up files to cloud and offline servers, never clicking on suspicious links received through email and SMS can also help in preventing identity thefts. If in case a breach occurs, businesses should notify victims of what type of data was exposed, risks involved and actions taken to help prevent and mitigate the risks from the company side.


Naveen Goud
Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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