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London based Giant Group has confirmed that its IT infrastructure was suffering repercussions gained through a cyber attack on September 24th,2021 and all its phone, email and other payroll related servers were facing digital disruption.

A statement on this note was posted on the website of GiantPay that confirms that the UK based Payroll firm was hit by a sophisticated attack that is being investigated by the security experts from the International Law Firm Crowell & Morning.

NCSC, ICO and the insurers of GiantPay are aware of the incident and are working closely with the company in finding who is behind the attack.

Although Giant Screening and Giant Finance+ services remain unaffected, sources report that the backend servers recording the backup information were partially disrupted in the incident.

Salary dispensing by the payroll giant remains unaffected and so all those receiving the pay via the online accounting services of Giant Group will receive their usual salary by Friday this week. So, no worries if you are waiting a fuel station for your turn to fill your car tank as the salary credited will reach you on time, provided nothing goes awry from here.

Meanwhile, in a second incident that took place on a separate note, Honolulu Payroll Processing company has released a press statement that its servers were hit by a ransomware last week exposing social security numbers, date of births, full names of clients and bank account numbers.

What’s interesting about the find is that the incident took place in mid-February this year, when a security audit conducted by Hawaii Payroll Services LLC discovered hackers targeted its database by first stealing data and then locking it up with encryption.

Third, the other news that is trending on Google and is related to cyber attack is about an online communications provider that offers text and voice related to communication services.

Raleigh Technology Company, named Bandwidth, that offers VOIP services, was hit by a DDoS attack, causing deep disruption to its services from the past three days. The company witnessed the outage last week and although its staff were working round the clock, Bandwidth customers were still facing intermittent connectivity issues even till Tuesday- September 28th,2021.

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