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Hawaii Office of Homeland Security has issued a public statement that it is busy investigating a Ddos attack on its airport websites that disrupted the digital portals for quite a few hours. The response efforts taken up by the Office of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) have yielded positive results, as all the 15 Hawaii airport websites were brought back to life within a few hours’ time of attack from Russian Killnet.

Joe Biden led the government, has already urged the public and private entities to up their vigilance against cyber-attacks. Especially, after Russia issued a warning that it will intensify its cyberwarfare efforts and might also indulge in nuclear warfare if the situation demands.

Coming to the next news, JP Morgan Chase has acknowledged the news that the bank’s network infrastructure was reigning under the influence of a cyber attack launched by Killnet. However, it reassured that none of the customers or clientele were affected by the hack and the incident has been contained in a small section of its corporate environment.

Third is the news related to Toyota, the car giant from Japan. In a statement released yesterday, the car maker admitted that hackers could have accessed personal details of nearly 300,000 customers, as the information was lying unsecured on the GitHub platform for almost 5 years.

Information is out, that hackers accessed that email address and customer identification numbers of over 297,000 people who used T-Connect and other analytics services to smart-connect since July 2017. Now, a portion of the stolen data is available on web and was being promoted on a twitter handle in control of Killnet.

As the company never stores records such as telephone numbers and card details of its customers, chances of such info leak are assumed to be bleak.

Unconfirmed sources state that a private web development contractor from Upwork accidentally uploaded a T-Connect Source code to GitHub in mid-2017 and that has reportedly led to the hack.

NOTE- All these attacks have one thing in common and that’s Killnet Hacking group, possibly funded by Kremlin.


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