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Telefonica, the company that offers internet related services in Spain, was hit by a cyber attack almost two weeks ago. Out of caution, the mobile and landline services provider is urging its users to change their wi-fi passwords as quickly as possible.

It is unclear on how many of the users were exactly affected by the digital assault. However, the company has assured that no personal info or bank details were leaked in the attack.

Continental Automotive Group was targeted by LockBit ransomware gang at the end of last month and the hackers are threatening to release the stolen details onto the dark web, if in case the company cannot pay a ransom in the next couple of days.

Readers of this article have to notify a fact that a similar breach occurred in August this year and was already publicly disclosed by Continental in September, i.e. exactly after a month.

The one that is now been trending on Twitter appears to be a fresh one that could have occurred at the end of October this year.

IT staff of Continental have taken all precautionary measures to contain the negative repercussions connected with the incident and are sure to negotiate a deal with hackers to stay out of trouble.

Unconfirmed sources state that the business was hit for the second time in October this year by the same LockBit gang, who appear to be exploiting an unpatched vulnerability, thus targeting the same network multiple times.

Third is the news that seems to be sensational, as a French-speaking hackers’ group were accused of stealing $11 million from banks and telecom companies in 4 years.

Cybersecurity firm Group-IB named the group of threat actors as Opera1ER who were previously identified as Desktop group, Monikers and Common Raven by Cisco Talos.

Both the security firms have confirmed that Opera1ER has so far infiltrated about 35 bank networks based in Africa, Bangladesh and Argentina between 2018 and 2022.


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