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CommScope, an American company that is in the business of providing network infrastructure, was reportedly hit by a ransomware attack. Afterward, cybercriminals leaked data of thousands of the company’s employees onto the dark web, including social security numbers and bank account details of employees involved in the R&D of infrastructure products. It is confirmed that unauthorized access occurred on the servers of CommScope on March 27th of this year, and the criminals managed to obtain full names, postal addresses, email addresses, personal numbers, and other sensitive details.

German-based company Rheinmetall has become a victim of a cyber attack recently, and hackers fraudulently accessed data related to industrial customers, largely from the automobile sector. However, the servers related to the military division remained untouched, and thus, a large-scale business embarrassment was averted. Spiegel, the German news website, was the first to report the incident, and more details are awaited.

The third news item concerns a lawsuit related to Facebook owner Meta. According to the latest media update provided by the social media giant, the business has agreed to pay $725 million as it failed to protect the data of its users from the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Those who had Facebook accounts from May 24th, 2007, to Dec 22nd, 2022, will be eligible to gain some monetary benefits from the settled amount. The company has created a separate page for users to claim the benefit, and you can find more details on the company’s website.

According to preliminary inquiries launched by the Slovenian government, Chinese hacking group Vixen Panda, aka APT15, was reportedly involved in the cyber attack that took place on the Slovenian Foreign Ministry.

The news is out that a ransomware attack launched by the BlackCat/Alphv gang has crippled the entire computer network platform of American software and technology consulting firm NCR. This resulted in the disruption of the Aloha Point of sale platform, causing trouble for customers and business owners involved in digital banking, POS Systems, and payment processing across restaurants, retailers, and healthcare. NCR Corporation has announced that it has taken all necessary measures to contain the malware spread and assured that the incident will never be repeated.

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