Norway first to put daily penalty on Meta over data security concerns

Norway’s data protection authority, Datatilsynet, has revealed that it is imposing a daily fine of $100,000 on Meta, the parent company of Facebook, due to its unauthorized use of users’ personal information for marketing purposes. This action has been taken without obtaining the necessary consent from users. In a recent press release, the Norwegian data […]

Meta collaborates with Qualcomm for Llama 2 Artificial Intelligence

Qualcomm and Facebook parent company Meta has announced a collaboration for the development of Llama 2 based AI tech on smart phones and connected PCs. The objective of this alliance is to push AI intelligence onto the edge of devices by integrating it into QUALCOMM snapdragon processor platforms. Initially, the technology will be made as […]

Twitter sues companies for data scraping to corner Facebook Meta Thread

In recent news, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has introduced an app called “Thread,” which closely resembles Twitter in terms of features and functionality. The app is now available for free download on the Google Play Store, offering users a similar experience to what the Musk-led company provides. According to a report from reputable […]

Facebook Meta faces €1.3 billion penalty by GDPR

Facebook parent company Meta has been slapped with a penalty of €1.2 billion for transferring data of European users to the servers operating in the United States. A move that is dead-against the GDPR rules that came into existence since May 2018. The Irish Data Protection Commission pronounced a penalty and imposed a $1.3 billion […]

Facebook Meta uncovers Social Media Espionage

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has uncovered a new social media espionage campaign in which cyber criminals launch social engineering attacks on Facebook and Instagram users by asking them to click on malevolent links, download malware, or share personal details. According to the security teams’ analysis, three different threat actors were involved in this […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

CommScope, an American company that is in the business of providing network infrastructure, was reportedly hit by a ransomware attack. Afterward, cybercriminals leaked data of thousands of the company’s employees onto the dark web, including social security numbers and bank account details of employees involved in the R&D of infrastructure products. It is confirmed that […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

Facebook has made any official statement that a team of cybersecurity researchers from its parent company Meta have detected 400 malicious apps that were operating on Android and iOS operating systems and were indulging in stealing credentials of its users. Meta revealed the findings in its latest security report and has urged both the technology […]

Facebook Meta neutralized China and Russian bot attacks on US Elections

Meta, the parent company of Facebook has disclosed that it has disabled thousands of fake social media accounts that derailed and influence the US Elections by taking sides on ‘Hot Button’ issues such as threat to National Security, high school classes on gun usage and violence, Gay and Abortion bills. The issue was triggered when […]

Facebook Meta slapped with a €450m penalty

Meta, that owns Facebook, was slapped with a penalty of €450m for mis-handling data related to children. The financial implication was announced on Instagram that is used by adults to share videos and images. Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) found several discrepancies in the way Instagram was handling information related to children and so slapped […]

Meta faces $19m fine over Data Breach

Facebook parent company Meta has been slapped with a fine of €17 million or $19m by the Irish data watchdog. And the reason for the penalty issuance is that the company failed to maintain certain security standards while protecting the information of EU public. As Meta failed to comply with the latest GDPR rules of […]

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