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Rocky Mount, a city in North Carolina, is urging its populace to change their passwords of their online accounts as the city’s online servers were disrupted by ransomware attack. Officials say that the residents should pay all their bills in physical, as the online services might remain offline for the next few days.

The good news is that the city officials have restored over 95% of data and are planning to bring back their systems online by this weekend.

Sandy Roberson, the Mayor of Rocky Mount, has denied the news that the systems were offline because of a file encrypting malware attack…..strange?

Coming to the second news related to cyber attack, MetService, the state owned Meteorological Service of New Zealand has made it official that its servers were disrupted by Distributed Denial of Service Attack(DDoS)- similar to the one that took place on NZX Stock Exchange last week.

Reports are in that the disruption was minute as there was no performance loss on digital platforms.

NOTE- A DDoS attack is a kind of cyber attack variant where the servers are bombarded with fake web traffic that overloads the servers impacting their performance and denying service to the normal service users.

An England-based University is trending on news headlines of google as it was hit by a cyber attack that made the educational institute officials to cancel all exams.

The University in discussion is Northumbria University of Newcastle that is based on North East of England and a detailed probe has been launched by the law enforcement and the Information Commissioner Office on this note.

Students of Northumbria University have been informed that there will be no activity on the campus for the rest of the week, and student related website and other online platforms have been temporarily switched off for the rest of the week.

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