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Bangladesh based hacking group “ Cyber 71” reportedly admitted that it had targeted almost 10 French websites with cyber attacks and will continue to hit the west in coming weeks as well.

Cyber 71 hackers say that the operation to disrupt the French websites( nearly 50-70 of them) on a digital note were launched in retaliation to the insult done to Prophet Mohammad and for specifically abusing a certain section of religious community.

In other news related to Britain, Mark Sedwill, the former cabinet secretary of UK admitted that his nation has been launching cyber attacks on Russia by exploiting the vulnerabilities of Moscow’s digital infrastructure.

“We have been launching a series of covert cyber attacks on Russian leaders and will continue to do in response to the aggressive Russian behavior in the cyber space”, stated Mark Sedwill.

He added that Russia is operating aggressively in grey space- a gap between normal state relations and armed conflict and so UK just cannot leave the initiatives to its adversaries in information warfare and attack campaigns.

Third, Stelco, a steel production company from Canada has released a press update yesterday that some of its information systems were digitally impacted and so it has initiated counter Cybersecurity measures like data recovery plans to limit the digital damage.

And as a result of the attack, the steel producer chose to halt its main operations for a few days or until the attack consequences are investigated on a deep note.

Fourth, the Press Trust of India aka PTI, which is the largest non-profit organization in the Indian subcontinent formed with the cooperation of 500 Indian Newspapers has admitted that it has become a victim of ransomware attack on a recent note disrupting the publishing of its digital news editions to millions of users.

Highly placed sources say that the servers of PTI were hit by LockBit ransomware on Saturday last week blocking the news publication to PTI subscribers since then. However, the situation turned in favor of the news agency when its IT staff restored the data from backup servers, thus cutting down the need to pay any ransom to those spreading the lockbit file encrypting malware.

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