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Akropolis, a Cryptocurrency lending platform is reported to have fallen prey to a cyber attack where hackers stole digital currency worth $2 million from the lending and borrowing service platform.

An investigation launched on Saturday last week has revealed that the infiltrators first launched a flash loan attack under which they were offering crypto to interested loan parties. Then they somehow played with the website code to steal the stored loan amount.

Failing to check the influx of tokens and not applying Re-entrancy Guard is said to have led to the fund steal.

Meanwhile, in the second such cyber incident, hackers reportedly invaded the e-commerce website of Red Wing Shoes based on Halloween disrupting the operations of the company since October 30, 2020.

Red Wing Shoes has confirmed the incident on November 13 last week and added that there were no signs of data breach or steal from their preliminary investigations. The IT staff has restored the services to a certain extent and the law enforcement has been requested to investigate.

Third, the information systems at the City of Saint John, Canada, were cyber attacked on Saturday last week, disrupting the city’s digital utility operations to a certain extent. Online payments, customer service applications, and email services were reportedly hit by the cyber attack.

Currently, the city’s IT staff is clueless about the data breach and so is urging all the residents to keep a tab of their bank and credit card statements for the next few months.

Federal and provincial agencies have been pressed into service to evaluate the damage and cyber risks associated with the attack, and all digital payments such as water bills and parking tickets have been suspended until a further notice.

Naveen Goud
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