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France-based Logistics company Gefco has released a statement early today stating that it became a victim of a cyber attack last Sunday and the attack was designed to disrupt all its operations across the globe.

The origin of the attack is yet to be probed; but the company says that it is working 24/7 with its IT partners to track down the culprits behind the attack.

In a message posted on the website directed towards customers, partners and colleagues, GEFCO CEO Luc Nadal confirmed the incident and assured that no data was compromised in the incident.

Note- Gefco provides qualitative logistics solutions for industrial clients across the world.

Going forward, news is out that the government servers of St. Clair County were reportedly targeted by ransomware on September 21st,2020. And to mitigate the impact of the attack, the county’s Chairman Paul Manning stated that the IT department has taken all necessary Cybersecurity measures to contain the incident by remediating the hardware and software suspected to have compromised in the cyber attack.

Therefore, the incident might cause certain digital issues to the public in coming days.

Law enforcement agencies and a 3rd party security company have been pressed into service by St. Clair County to probe the incident in detail.

Note- The county in discussion is based in Alabama. And unconfirmed sources stated that the county government servers were targeted by ransomware- a kind of file encrypting malware that keeps the databases locked until a ransom is paid in Bitcoins.

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