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Cyber attack news is out that hackers succeeded in intercepting the database of popular video game Fortnite through a software glitch.

Reports are in that the cyber crooks not only managed to break into the system but also succeeded in accessing sensitive information such as credit card data, personal contacts list and also managed to eavesdrop on private chats of some of the users.

Researchers from Check Point software were the ones who discovered the flaw for the first time in November last year and reported it to Fortnite creator Epic Games.

After the company’s IT staff launched a probe on the issue, Epic Games released a press statement yesterday admitting the data breach report as true and acknowledged that the bug was fixed.
Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the glitch allowed hackers to pose as regular players and purchase game’s currency using credit cards saved on the user accounts. That means the cybercriminals managed to access the credit card numbers of other players and used access to pay for their entertainment.

Note- The hack is reported to have put the data of over 80 million monthly Fortnite players at risk out of the regular 200 million registered users.

Meanwhile, in other news related to Football leaks, a 30- year old Portuguese national named Rui Pinto was arrested in Hungary for leaking sensitive info of Beckham emails in which the footballer allegedly branded the honors committee ‘unappreciative *****’ for missing out the knighthood honor.

Also, Rui Pinto is said to be the guy who revealed to the world on how Portuguese professional coach Jose Mourinho evaded the payment of taxes on millions of dollars of earnings by wire transmitting money to the British Virgin Islands.

Coming to the R@** claim charges against Cristiano Ronaldo by 34-year-old woman Kathryn Mayorga, the news is out that Pinto was asked to leak out the R@** story to the world by a former manager of Ronaldo.

However, Ronald has denied the allegations made by Kathryn by labeling them as fake and said that whatever took place in between him and her was consensual at that stage- means 9 years ago i.e. on June 13th,2009 when Kathryn was a bar dancer and was exploring a career in modeling at that time.

Note- The victim is said to hold a videotape of the football star dancing with her in an intimate way.

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