Cyber Attack on American Streaming Media Plex


Plex, an American Streaming platform, has officially sent out email notifications to all its users urging them to change their passwords. The entertainment offering company added in its update that the reason to send a notification to all its users was because of the discovery of suspicious activity on one of its IT databases.

In the statement issued by Plex, the streaming media specified that the activity was discovered by it on August 23rd of this year and soon its IT staff, along with a third-party security firm, investigated.

Prima facie states that a portion of personal info, such as usernames, emails, and encrypted passwords, could have been accessed by the hackers. Often, such information is used by hackers to launch identity thefts, brute force attacks and other such digital invasions.

The multimedia business provider says that all the passwords stored on its servers were hashed as per the basic cybersecurity hygiene and so, the damage with the data theft could be minimal.

However, out of an abundance of caution, the company is requesting its customers to change their passwords with new ones that are strong enough, i.e., containing a mixture of alphabets and special characters along with a few numerical.

Users of Plex might get a huge sigh of relief as the company never stored such details on its own servers.

NOTE- According to a survey conducted by IBM, the average cost of a global data breach was estimated to be at $4.35 billion in July 2022.


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